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gracie | a hanfic| the prologue

Everyone tells me how incredibly lucky I am to be married to Taylor Hanson. In their eyes we have a perfect marriage and the perfect little family. Sure, we struggle sometimes, but we are insanely happy and very much in love. To our friends and family looking in, we have it all figured out, but it’s too bad they don't know the whole story. Everybody has their fair share of secrets, but mine and Taylor’s secret involves the single most important thing in both of our lives - our beautiful baby girl.

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    He laughs and I instantly know that he's clueless about the situation and what’s really going on. “I’ve tried to warn you about…

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    Amanda let it go at that and I told her that I thought that it was better if we didn’t tell Taylor about our little run-in. I didn’t want…

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    “ No,” I whisper sharing his smile. “ We can’t.” “Why can’t we?” He asks.…

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