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My first three chapters of "Is there life out there?" are up. I am not sure how to set them up into chapters so they are going to posted in my journal from last to first. Please read and let me know what you think. This is my very first HanFic. So any changes that need to be made or any advice is very much appreciated.

  • gracie | chapter three

    He laughs and I instantly know that he's clueless about the situation and what’s really going on. “I’ve tried to warn you about…

  • gracie | chapter two

    Amanda let it go at that and I told her that I thought that it was better if we didn’t tell Taylor about our little run-in. I didn’t want…

  • gracie | chapter one | just updated

    “ No,” I whisper sharing his smile. “ We can’t.” “Why can’t we?” He asks.…

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