Renee P. (prettyzombiegrl) wrote in hanfic,
Renee P.

"Breaktown Records" - Chapter 4!

Chapters: 4/25
Genre: Drama/Het/Slash
Warnings/Rating: PG right now, but that will change as the story will include some light femme slash & het pairings.

Summary: Deciding to take a break from the every day, Zac Hanson wants more than anything to be a “normal” person. With a normal apartment & normal friends. As soon as the band gets settled into their new lives, Zac instantly becomes anxious not having some kind of project to work on every day. So, he gets a job with his best friend at a local record store known for it’s dramatic shenanigans & elitist employees. Will Zac be able to fit in with everyone else or will they prove just how “normal” he really is…

I haven't updated or promoted this fic in a long time so I thought I'd let you guys know that I would LOVE any feedback you can give me! Thanks!!! CLICK
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