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'AFCA' From Start To Finish

Hiya all,

Now I've finished writing 'A First Class Affair' I thought I'd post in here in one big chunk. (I hope this works!)

Although chapters do vary, I'm going to rate it as NC 17 for mild language and sexual content. 

Genre-wise, I'd class 'AFCA' as Romantic Fiction, with a litle bit of comedy thrown in for good measure! It starts off with my heroine Eva meeting Taylor Hanson on a plane bound for London and ends up in a blissfully happy place, but never fear, it's not overly cheesy!

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with Hanson, 3CG Records, etc. I will never see Taylor fresh from his morning shower, I will never get the chance to suck on Zac's lower lip and I will never have the pleasure of stroking Ike's clean-shaven head. *sigh*

So, if this sounds like your cup of tea, check it out and leave me some lovely feedback! 

Thanks xx

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Twenty Four & Epilogue

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