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HANson*fanFIC's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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gracie | chapter three [03 Sep 2012|05:09pm]

He laughs and I instantly know that he's clueless about the situation and what’s really going on. “I’ve tried to warn you about drinking so much before, baby, it never ends well..” I don’t say anything as he gathers me in his arms and walks me to Amanda’s car.

We crawl into the backseat and I can’t help but feel guilty when Taylor pulls me close to him, his hand helping my head to find his chest. “Rest now, babe, we’ll be home soon."

I breathe a guilty sigh of relief. Shelby isn't the only one who's clueless, because Taylor is still clueless, too.

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gracie | chapter two [29 Aug 2012|08:17pm]

Amanda let it go at that and I told her that I thought that it was better if we didn’t tell Taylor about our little run-in. I didn’t want him to worry about me or think that Jason was causing me any stress. I told her that I also didn’t want him getting mad at Jason and things to get ugly if we happened to bump into each other again. She was reluctant at first, but finally agreed not to say anything.

As far as Amanda knows, it all ended there and that was the very last time that I ever spoke to or saw Jason Andrews, but it wasn’t.

Embarrassment and shame wash over me with the memory. I’m a complete failure - to myself, to my husband and especially to our little girl.
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gracie | chapter one | just updated [20 Aug 2012|08:56pm]


No,” I whisper sharing his smile. “ We can’t.”

“Why can’t we?” He asks. “Gracie’s asleep. I can get you away from under her without even waking her up.”

No.” I repeat myself.

“We can always lock the bathroom door.”

Taylor,” I try to sound stern but the thought of taking a shower with my husband is just too damn appealing.

Jen,” He mocks me.

He grins and I know that he knows that he‘s won.

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gracie | a hanfic| the prologue [19 Aug 2012|04:08pm]

Everyone tells me how incredibly lucky I am to be married to Taylor Hanson. In their eyes we have a perfect marriage and the perfect little family. Sure, we struggle sometimes, but we are insanely happy and very much in love. To our friends and family looking in, we have it all figured out, but it’s too bad they don't know the whole story. Everybody has their fair share of secrets, but mine and Taylor’s secret involves the single most important thing in both of our lives - our beautiful baby girl.

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Hello [26 May 2012|01:15am]

My first three chapters of "Is there life out there?" are up. I am not sure how to set them up into chapters so they are going to posted in my journal from last to first. Please read and let me know what you think. This is my very first HanFic. So any changes that need to be made or any advice is very much appreciated.
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[11 Mar 2012|12:35am]

Hi everybody in the Hanson community, I was wondering if anybody remember reading a zaylor fic called 'On The Rocks', I've been reading around and many people say it's awesome on their comments, so if anybody has it and can send it or tell me where can I find it, that'd be great
Thanks everybody in advance!
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Roleplay? [25 Oct 2011|12:07am]
Hi everyone! I know it's a little different than fan-fiction, but since it's very similar I was wondering if there's anyone who'd love to do a Hanson RP with me? I prefer to do it over messenger but I am pretty flexible. :3
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[18 Oct 2011|08:44pm]

Hello, this is for my b-day so be generous! Ok, I'm looking for a link to the old files of hanson erotica, or whatever you might have, I remember there was a place of old fiction.
Also, I read a story there which was quite popular among the fans. To make a long story short; tay and zac were involved and their family found out so they send zac away and after many complications with bob moffat (or whatever his name is, he was zac's best friend in the story) zac meets a guy named warren and he's about to marry him in san francisco, in the middle of the story I remember Ike and tay being involve with jhonny lang as well and the beginning was, I think, that tay and zac had trios with random girls 'cause zac was waiting to give himself to taylor in the right time so...and I know it's too random but I don't even remember the name of the story...anyway if someone has the link or have old stories saved that'd be awesome!!!
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Chapter 22 is up! [27 Sep 2011|07:20am]

...just in case my bits of hiatus havent scared off any readers, i just wanted to let you all know chapter 22 of The Silent One is finally posted!! The link is for all chapters if you're new to the story or need to refresh!

The Silent One
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hanfic update [19 Sep 2011|09:30pm]

Just keeping you posted (no pun intended). Chapter 14 of LGitHP is up, as is Chapter 2 of If They Only Knew. I would really love more comments; because my stories are unlocked, I don't really have a way of knowing how many people are reading them... comments make me feel loved! Anywho, hope you're enjoying!

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Trick-or-Treat: Hanfic Halloween Challenge 2011! [16 Sep 2011|03:12pm]

[ mood | excited ]

As Halloween approaches, I feel myself getting into the spooky spirit! So, I present to you another round of . . . Trick-or-Treat! Hanfic Halloween Challenge.

This is not your typical writing challenge though as most of you probably already know:
- it's a drabble/ficlet/short story activity, meaning minimum word count of 100 words.
- ANY genre of fanfic is accepted (slash, gen, het, cest, etc.)
- the overall theme is Halloween and horror!
- every challenge will be based upon a classic scary movie such as Carrie, Friday the 13th, Halloween, BUT I've added *BRAND NEW* films this year!
- with new horror movie themes, I've also created *NEW* challenges!
- the challenge itself will only last a month so it'll be short and sweet for those who are busy with real life priorities & NaNoWriMo.
- and of course I will personally post everyone's submissions onto my website as well as give out awards at the end of the month!

Sign-ups: Oct. 1st- 6th, 2011
Write: Oct. 7th- 29th, 2011
Deadline: October 29th, 2011 @ 12AM EST
Post Time: October 30th - 31st, 2011

I'm just promoting the challenge right now, but feel free to check out the site to read the rules & start brainstorming ideas!

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"Breaktown Records" - Chapter 4! [16 Sep 2011|01:59am]


Chapters: 4/25
Genre: Drama/Het/Slash
Warnings/Rating: PG right now, but that will change as the story will include some light femme slash & het pairings.

Summary: Deciding to take a break from the every day, Zac Hanson wants more than anything to be a “normal” person. With a normal apartment & normal friends. As soon as the band gets settled into their new lives, Zac instantly becomes anxious not having some kind of project to work on every day. So, he gets a job with his best friend at a local record store known for it’s dramatic shenanigans & elitist employees. Will Zac be able to fit in with everyone else or will they prove just how “normal” he really is…

I haven't updated or promoted this fic in a long time so I thought I'd let you guys know that I would LOVE any feedback you can give me! Thanks!!! CLICK
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new zaylor story [14 Sep 2011|09:14pm]

so i posted chapter 1 of "If They Only Knew", a new Zaylor story.
Title: If They Only Knew
Rating: NC-17 for safety, but not every chapter will be that graphic.
Pairings: Zac/OMC, eventually Zaylor. Eventually.
POV: Zac (this is gonna be so much fun!)
Warnings: Slash, eventual incest, and all the yummy dirtiness that does along. If anything unusual pops up (besides the obvious) I'll let you know.
Note:This is not AU, well it is in the sense that this is fiction. But the guys are all married with kids, just like in the really real world. I might even include canon events and dialogue, who knows.

hope u guys enjoy!
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two pieces of ficcy goodness! [13 Sep 2011|01:43am]

LGitHP chapter 12, AND "If They Only Knew," a one-shot/prologue! the one-shot/prologue is a little something i whipped up today... i wrote it as a one-shot, but realized it could also work as a prologue. Read it, and let me know what you think!

P, L, & BPM!
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LGitHP chapter 11 [11 Sep 2011|08:02am]

Hey guys! Chapter 11 is posted, so go check it out! I hope yall are enjoying it... =D

P, L, & BPM
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dirty zaylor friday [10 Sep 2011|12:41am]

hey yall, posted a little zaylor one-shot. enjoy!
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if there's one thing i can't stand... [09 Sep 2011|12:05am]

it's reading a TOTALLY awesome fic, only to find out that the last chapter was posted upwards of a year ago! grr!

so frustrating... *huff*
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chapter 9 [08 Sep 2011|12:47am]

Hey yall! Just a quick note to let you know chapter 9 of LGitHP is up. Enjoy!
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LGitHP posted on LJ! [07 Sep 2011|12:54am]

So I decided to just go ahead and post my fanfic, Letting Go is the Hardest Part, right on my journal.

Title: Letting Go is the Hardest Part
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Taylor Hanson/Scott Moffatt, Zac Hanson/Dave Moffatt
Warnings: contains strong language, adult themes, and explicit sexual scenes, including scenes between two men, and scenes between two minors (aged 14-16).

It's been 12 years since Taylor and Zac have seen Scott and Dave. But what happens when their past comes back, demanding answers to questions they were too afraid to ask?

Chapters 1-8 are posted, so click my name, and check 'em out! Enjoy!
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graphic for fanfic? [06 Sep 2011|12:54am]

hey, I have a request. is there anyone artistically inclined, who would like to make a pic/logo/banner/whatever for my story? I have no graphic arts skills, sadly. If anyone would be interested in making one for me, let me know! Or you could just go ahead and do it. I have no real idea what I want, other than it should show all four guys (tay, scott, zac, dave); maybe, if possible, then/now pics? well anywho, if anyone can come up with something, i'll love you forever!
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