ahopper84 (ahopper84) wrote in hanfic,

new zaylor story

so i posted chapter 1 of "If They Only Knew", a new Zaylor story.
Title: If They Only Knew
Rating: NC-17 for safety, but not every chapter will be that graphic.
Pairings: Zac/OMC, eventually Zaylor. Eventually.
POV: Zac (this is gonna be so much fun!)
Warnings: Slash, eventual incest, and all the yummy dirtiness that does along. If anything unusual pops up (besides the obvious) I'll let you know.
Note:This is not AU, well it is in the sense that this is fiction. But the guys are all married with kids, just like in the really real world. I might even include canon events and dialogue, who knows.

hope u guys enjoy!
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